Mike Root

After washing up on the shores of Miami, Mike moved all over the South and learned the true meaning of southern grit, and what grits were. Somehow, he graduated from college after 6 years (okay, he got two degrees), and joined the Air Force, which amidst the promises of travel, kept him in the South for the most part. While in the service, Mike started his first company at the age of 24, which was a safe ride transportation company in his college town. Soon after this, he created a non-profit, The Kingdom Advancement Project, which is still operating and serving today. As if words weren’t already hard enough for this Southerner, Mike wrote his first book while living in Pakistan, For God and Country: A Discussion on Servant Leadership. After completing his service, Mike then turned back to the entrepreneur life to bring us Copper Sky Distillery. We think he forgot he was running a fast-growing company, since he quickly started his third company, Axiom Consulting Group – which is aimed at helping new and young entrepreneurs. If you ever see Mike out, make sure to use “y’all” in a sentence, you may just get a free drink!


Kya Root

director of sales & mixologist


Hailing from South Canada, (Recently Engaged) Kya came to us from the great state of Vermont, where syrup flows like bourbon. Like most of us, she is a world traveler, living in Europe, Asia, Central America, Australia, and most recently - in a van down by the river (for real though). Kya has bartended all over the world, learning some traditional and unique ways of presenting cocktails. While crafting drinks is a talent, her true skill is as the Assistant to the Regional Manager, and has recently been promoted to Director of Sales for the entire state. Seriously, Kya is a rockstar and the main reason Copper Sky is in a store near you! 


Oliver Capece

director of mixology


Growing up in New York is not for the faint of heart. As a young boy, Oliver walked the streets with his pet turtle and dreamed of what life outside of the metal mountains would be. As he aged, he soon realized that crafting cocktails and creating cuisines was his true passion. After spending years in the city and learning from the best mixologist in the world, he packed all his possessions in a bag and left for Colorado. When he arrived, he began teaching snowboard lessons and searching for a place that could showcase his skills behind the bar. Oliver quickly realized that the snow eventually melts, and riding a board down the street just doesn’t work. He and Mike crossed paths, and it was a match made in heaven. If you have ever thought, “I wonder if that could be made into a cocktail?”, it can, and Oliver is doing it. Come on in and try a classic cocktail, or one of his many innovative creations.


Justin Martinez

director of marketing


Small body, big spirit. No we aren't talking about one of our spirits, this is our Marketing Director Justin. Born and raised in Colorado, Justin has always known that creating art was always his calling. His journey through life has been heavily led by his passion for design, he followed his heart and it sure paid off. From California to Colorado he traveled and spent years perfecting his craft. We are very proud to have him as part of our team and love throwing any idea his way and knowing that whatever he comes back with will be amazing! If you see him and his dog Cooper, make sure you say hello and ask about our new merch coming out in the spring!


Isaac Haefner

head blender/distiller


A nomad by nature, Isaac has spent much time all over the world. After his lead role on the unaired show, “My Hair is Better than Yours,” he turned to the complex world of craft spirits. Starting as a doorman at a liquor store, Isaac began filling notebooks with tasting notes and diving into the magic behind each spirit. A self-taught man, he is known for taking hobbies and turning them into career paths. Once he realized whiskey was his true love, he sought to bring a unique aspect of the craft to the forefront of his work: blending. More than taking two cups and dumping them together, Isaac brings to light the art behind blending to merge the sensation of taste and sight, and offering an experience with whiskey like no other. Isaac can be found in his infamous white lab coat around the distillery, or auditioning for a spinoff show, “Wizards and Whiskey.” In either case, make sure to compliment his hair, or otherwise beware.


Tori Bockman

Tori has grown up in Ft. Collins her whole life. As a music lover, she has attended over 100 concerts, and somehow still has her hearing. In between music and mixing cocktails, she finds the time to study Computer Science at CU Boulder, where hopefully she can create the first whiskey bitcoin! Like the rest of us, Tori loves animals and has a dog named Miska. Next time you are at the distillery, be sure to snag a hand-crafted cocktail from her!


Luke Chambers

sales representative


Colorado to the core, Luke is a third generation, born and raised, Colorado Native. Spending time hiking, biking, snowboarding, or calling out all the non-Colorado license plates on I-25, Luke is about as #Native as they come. After an extensive career in the human services industry, he stepped into a role caring for his son who was born with Down Syndrome, learning a new definition of love and joy that previously seemed like a fairy tale. Luke brings the same level of passion to the Copper Sky family, caring for our clients in the Pikes Peak region.


Collin Richardson

Another Colorado boy, Collin has spent most of his life here. Promising a world of travel, he joined the Air Force, and was sent straight to Georgia (the state, not the country). Earning the nickname, "Baby Lungs," he soon learned that humidity usually wins. #FunFact: He and Mike actually served together for a couple years! Collin enjoys traveling, cheering on the Broncos, and teaching his son how to toss the dice and play Dungeons and Dragons. From Budtender, to learning to become a distiller, make sure to stop in and have what will likely be one of the most interesting conversations of your life. 


Lauren Rowell

sales representative


Lauren also hails from Southern Canada (AKA, the brave little state of Vermont). She moved to Colorado after graduating from Syracuse University. Since then, she has been enjoying all things Colorado - from snowboarding, to hiking 14ers, to driving a Subaru. Following a mid-life crisis at 25 years old, she decided to go to law school. While she will always bleed orange (Go SU!), she is currently attending the University of Denver, Sturm College of Law and is excited to be bringing Colorado's finest whiskey to the Denver area!


Aaron Martin

Born and raised in Alabama, you won't hear Aaron yelling "Roll Tide" or "War Eagle", but a "Go Trojans"! Aaron and Mike go all the way back to college and Mike's first business, they have always shared their love of whiskey, bourbon and any other craft liquor they can get their hands on. Aaron currently lives in the Sunshine State with his wife Brooke and two dogs Callie and Bear. Aaron is working hard to bring Copper Sky to Floridians and his happy to be working alongside his lifelong friend, Mike.