Tasting Notes

Our 13 Year Old Light Whiskey, the most interesting whiskey we offer. There is nothing "light " about it. This bold whiskey showcases the unique flavors of what corn and good oak can offer. Each batch shares the same mash bill, but carries different proofs and amazingly different tastes. Make sure to grab each batch and try the rollercoaster of flavors in our award winning light whiskey. Cheers!


13 Year Old Light Whiskey



Welcome to the wonderful world of whiskey with this bad boy. Sitting at a proof that often ranges from 130-150, there is nothing light about it. The smooth nose on this whiskey will leave even the leeriest drinker curious. An apple and caramel lollipop await as you bring this to taste, followed by a light floral note in the middle. Yes, you can light this whiskey on fire if you so desire, but surprisingly, there is not an overwhelming “burn” on the finish. With soft apricot and leather notes on the end, you will be checking the bottle to make sure the proof is what it claims. Definitely drink this beauty neat – and if you must, a dash of water opens it up nicely.

Mike, Owner

Copper Sky Distillery

Being 13 years, there tends to be huge swathes of changes in flavor and Batch 2 stands on its own with a uniquely complex character.  With dense and slow moving sheets and tears, this whiskey present with a light burnished hue.  Sitting at 130.2 proof the aromas practically jump out of the glass as if demanding to be smelled.  Scents of caramel creme, ripe honeydew, and uncooked rhubarb lead a concerto of more nuanced flavors featuring candied orange peel, chocolate mousse, paraffin, old wood, leather and cinnamon candy.  The flavor is enveloping, quickly smothering every taste bud with a sensation of sweetened condensed milk and flavors of orange vanilla creme, fuji apple, marzipan, and macaroons.  The spirit finishes with a lingering warming sensation and prolongs the taste of candied orange peel and marzipan yet features a distant vegetal note that adds to a dryness at the very end.  A whiskey fit for an explorer, it is best enjoyed with an open mind and willingness to marvel at an unconventional take on whiskey. 

Isaac, Head Blender/Distiller

Copper Sky Distillery