Tasting Notes


Mash: 21% Rye / 4% Malted Barley / 75% Corn – 100 Proof


Your typical “bourbon,” our low rye mash bill brings to life the common bourbon notes everyone seeks. The nose reminds me of walking down a dirt road lined with fig trees, followed by a stroll through the cherry vines. As you bring it to palate, you are met with fruity and somewhat buttery notes. Settling in, you find strong earthy notes that soften into a creamy walnut finish. Like most rye bourbons, you are left with a warm hug to remind you where it came from, but leaves quickly so to increase the desire for more.

Mike, Owner

Copper Sky Distillery

A deviation from our Wheated Bourbon, our Low-Rye Bourbon features a different view into the flavors of bourbon.  As it waves about the glass this whiskey presents itself with a chestnut oloroso sherry color with a contrasting physical appearance of fine and delicate sheets of oil yet large and heavy tears of whiskey on the sides of the glass.  The aroma of the spirit is well mixed leading to a rich and complex scent that is overall rather mellow.  Dominant smells of sweetened pickled peaches, confectionery fondant, and warm honey are back with a fresh cinnamon, dusty oak and spruce.  Tucked away in the reaches of the aromatic bouquet one may even find milk chocolate, vegetation, and red apple.  The flavors have a separate story to tell.  The taste is a menagerie of teas and honeys with an orchestration of baking spice, black pepper, butterscotch, and burnt vanilla to support.  The spirit finishes with a light tingle on the tongue presenting flavors of frugally sweetened black tea, roasted chestnuts, and baking spice.  As a somewhat robust bourbon, it finds a home amongst cold winter nights and marries beautiful into any classic cocktail. 

Isaac, Head Blender/Distiller

Copper Sky Distillery