Tasting Notes

The 7 Year Single Barrel Series, our most unique spirit in the lineup. This rich and perfectly aged bourbon will be an ever revolving mash bill, offering you a unique experience with each batch. Once each is gone, we will move onto a new mash, with some being a one-time opportunity. Make sure to check in here to see what notes your batch has to offer. Cheers!


Batch 1 Mash: 49% Malted Barley / 51% Corn – 100 Proof


As you bring this bourbon up to nose, you will get an immediate sensation of rich maple syrup, followed by a slight fruity note. When you first taste this unique bourbon, the maple and hint of apple comes to life, wrapping your palate in a familiar fall flavor. As these notes dissipate, the earthy tree nut awakens, and is complimented with the malt that is ever present. This 7 Year leaves you with a soft oat and raisin bread note on the back of the palate, sure to bring back some great childhood memories. As always, enjoy this bourbon however you please, or like me – neat.

Mike, Owner

Copper Sky Distillery

Drawn from a singularly unique cask of seven year old whiskey, our special release of this 49% malted barley bourbon boasts an adventurous array of flavors and aromas.  The spirit rolls across the glass waking with an elegant trail as it settles into a rich tawny hue.  As the first vapors grace the olfactory one’s sense of smell is graced with an elderly oak set into an array of cereal grain characters.  While the scent lingers, delicate notes baking spices wrap into raisin and fresh red apple yet as essence begins to taper you are left faint touches of peach folded into distant caramel and cocoas. Upon the first sip one is again met with the familiar aged oak and warm spiced honey followed closely by a robust malty humor.  The taste further rolls on the palette into charred caramel met with a dusty leather and a concise edge of crisp and fresh red apple. The finish approaches with a dryness of cocoa and the retronasal impact of wild grasses paired with honeyed apples and used leather.  The conclusion of the experience is long lasting without being overtly oily or clingy but leaves one’s mouth watering with the desire for the next indulgence. 

Isaac, Head Blender

Copper Sky Distillery