Not just making whiskey,

making memories.


The Distillery

At Copper Sky Distillery we are running a hybrid still using open air fermentation to capture the natural bacteria in the air, so you are tasting Colorado with every sip. Our stainless-steel pot still leads to a 6-window copper column, masterfully cleaning each spirit while, as our head distiller says, “still leaving you with something to chew on.”


The Tasting Room

From craft spirits to craft cocktails, Copper Sky Distillery's mission is to create something worthy of saying, "you've got to try this!" Visit the distillery for a tour or to share a cocktail and conversation at our tasting room in Longmont, Colorado.

Tasting Room Hours:

Thurs - Fri: 4pm to 10pm

Saturday: 2pm to 10pm

Visit Us

Tours available Monday to Friday. For more information, give us a call!


1115 Colorado Ave. Ste C.,

Longmont, CO 80501

*Street parking only

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