whiskey is our craft.
family is our inspiration.

Award Winning Spirits


The Distillery

At Copper Sky Distillery, we pride ourselves in holding to traditional values, yet being innovative in bringing you some of the finest spirits in Colorado. To do this, we utilize a beautiful copper column with six hand crafted sight glasses to offer a unique taste in every spirit. Stop by to take a tour, or sample some of our spirits!


The Tasting Room

From craft spirits to craft cocktails, Copper Sky Distillery's mission is to create something worthy of saying, "you've got to try this!" Visit the distillery for a tour or to share a cocktail and conversation at our tasting room in Longmont, Colorado.

Tasting Room Hours:

Wednesday (*Cigar Nights): 5pm to 8pm

Thursday: 4pm to 10pm

Friday: 4pm to 10pm

Saturday: 2pm to 10pm

*Cigars are smoked on patio and whiskey pairings are offered. If you are allergic or would like to avoid cigar smoke, please join us another evening! Cheers!

Visit Us

Tours available Monday to Friday.

For more information, give us a call!


1115 Colorado Ave. Ste C.,

Longmont, CO 80501

*Street parking only